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One student’s story of a shared accomplishment. Paige Gray was just like any other student at the University of Northern Colorado, she was learning how to be independent, choosing a major and working on-campus....

Isabelle, a Boulder resident who recently graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, is among the first Coloradans with an intellectual or developmental disability to graduate from a Colorado college or university.

University of Northern Colorado graduated its first set of inclusive higher education students, who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. What that means for one family.

In May of 2021 Caitlin will be graduating from UCCS. She is studying Early Childhood Education and is so ready to be an official graduate! Learn more about Caitlin.

Hear Vince talk about what going to college has meant to him.

Seniors that participate at the University of Colorado Colorado Spring (UCCS) with services from the Office of Inclusive Services all complete a capstone project that aligns with their career goals. Last week three upcoming graduates presented their capstone projects.

IN! recently launched a statewide survey related to college options for young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Colorado. Your feedback is so critical to our efforts!

Brendan stepped foot on campus at the University of Northern Colorado in the fall of 2017. Now, in 2021, he will become one of the first students with Down syndrome to graduate from UNC!

In May 2021, Paige will become one of UNC's first graduates of inclusive higher education! Learn more about Paige and her journey through college.

Read about Isabelle, a UNC senior, and her experience since getting accepted to college four years ago.

Thank you to our community of amazing supporters, for your continued encouragement and involvement over the years! Together, we have evolved and so must our organization. People just want to call us IN!. So out with the old (The Colorado Initiative for Inclusive Higher Education) and "IN!" with the new! Just call us IN!

This spring IN! launched a mentorship program between college students with IDD and Denver Public Schools high school students with IDD who are thinking about college. We are grateful to have received a grant from Point b(e) Strategies and for our collaborators at DPS. See what other cool projects other groups are doing around Denver!

Teams of two from postsecondary education programs were invited to apply for the Think College Policy Advocate yearlong policy education program. Each team had to include one student in a postsecondary program and one staff person, both with a desire to learn more about public policy and advocacy. They will continue after DPS to learn, expand, and apply their DPS lessons to the work they do to promote their programs with policymakers at home.

An inclusive higher education program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the University of Northern Colorado is celebrating its first class of graduates this spring. What comes next is a career and, with it, a greater sense of independence. A two-part series covered in partnership between The Colorado Sun and KUNC explores the path from college to career for these students.

Waivers are a set of Health First Colorado benefits that you might be able to use in certain cases. These benefits can help you in your home and community, and even support you when attending college!

In May 2021, Isabelle will be one of the first students accessing inclusive higher education at University of Northern Colorado to graduate!

ACC, UNC, and UCCS are currently accepting applicants for the 2021/22 schoolyear. Specific information for each school is outlined in this article.

In 2021 we are looking forward to preparing for expansion, kicking off our first student led mentorship program, looking at what life is like for students after college, enhancing our education and outreach program, and celebrating the first graduates at the University of Northern Colorado.

It's Colorado Gives Day and we know you will be asked to help so many vital causes. We also understand that this has been a challenging year for all of us. For this reason, our ask is small. Consider giving up just one coffee each month and using that $5 to join our monthly giving club. This is a small request but a HUGE amount to students with intellectual disabilities in Colorado who have a college dream!

"Ultimately, this will help IN! add a new inclusive higher education program at a fourth university partner school and create more opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities to realize their college and career dreams." - Steve Phua, President, and CEO of Wonderland Homes

UNC GOAL to host a virtual open house on December 3rd, 5:30-6:30pm; Dylan, a senior at ACC, prepares to graduate and pursue his goal to become a group fitness instructor; IN! continues to virtually offer Q&A sessions for parents, drop-in office hours for teachers, and one-on-one meetings open to anyone looking to learn more about college options for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

In May 2021, a new group of students with intellectual disabilities will graduate from college in Colorado! Dylan is one of those students.

Since we can't be out in the community meeting with you all (which is what we really love) we are adapting and launching virtual office hours to answer your questions about applying for college, life on a college campus, funding for higher education, preparing for college, and more!

What is Inclusive Higher Education? When you give to IN!, what are you supporting?

School is back in session! 70 students with intellectual and developmental disabilities are continuing to pave the way for future students in Colorado. Grace is one of these students. In this letter, we are covering Grace's journey to higher education, and hope to remind everyone that college acceptance is not always a straight path - and that's okay!

Have you ever wondered how college and work may impact your benefits? Learn more about how benefits counseling can help address common fears related to employment and benefits.

20 new students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to start college this fall, IN! hosts happy hours for students, "Opening Doors to College" and "Intelligent Lives" are free to watch this month, and a webinar on Benefits Counseling is scheduled for August 4th.

Wonderland Homes is generously donating the proceeds from a home under construction towards the expansion of inclusive higher education to a 4th college, graduates share their college experiences on a webinar, and IN! continues to respond to COVID-19.

This month, Colorado witnessed our first graduates of inclusive higher education pathways for students with intellectual disabilities at Arapahoe Community College (ACC) and University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).
In this special edition newsletter we are recapping their final semester of college and celebrating this major accomplishment!

Recently I had the chance to interview two of Elevate at ACC's first students to graduate this year.

Congrats Kacie and Jazmine on your graduation from Arapahoe Community College!

College graduation is a proud achievement for any student. But, for a group of Colorado students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it is a major milestone.

Can you help us get the word out about this major accomplishment and honor these trailblazers?

Because of YOU, IN! is 5 years old today. We want to celebrate with you! A huge thank you to this amazing community of students, families, educators, and supporters who believe in inclusion, believe in higher education opportunities for everyone, and believe that anything is possible! Let's look back on all that we have accomplished and blow out the candles with our wish for the next 5 years!

While we won't be out in the community much in the next few weeks, we wanted to give you some insight into what our office/home work entails.

Inclusive Higher Education is not only some of the first exposure to inclusion for students with disabilities, but it can also be new for instructors. So how do they respond to students with intellectual disabilities in their classes?

An upcoming graduate shares her thoughts on Black History Month, students take on leadership roles, IN! board members tour UNC, and IN! launches a Young Professionals group.

Last summer, Isabelle, a student at University of Northern Colorado, participated in Youth Leadership Forum (YLF).

New video of students talking about living on-campus, an ACC student shares a letter about how inclusive supports have led to her success, and JFK Partners releases the 2018-19 report.

Kacie, who will graduate from ACC in May, wrote an article for IN!'s blog about how she has changed from her freshman to senior year of college.

It's a busy spring for inclusive higher education in Colorado. Check out the link to learn about upcoming application deadlines, open houses, community events, webinars, and other resources. We hope to connect with you soon!

Ashley Mabry, who looks forward to family game night, sometimes watches TV and loves her internship at the ARC Pikes Peak Region, knew she wanted to go to college since the fourth grade, when she entered a “talent development” program at Hilltop Baptist School in Colorado Springs.

The first graduates of inclusive higher education are inspiring a new generation of students! Hear what advice college seniors with intellectual disabilities have for incoming college students.

In this issue, info on applying to college for the 2020-21 school year, upcoming open houses at ACC, college sneiors share their post-graduation plans, and IN! asks for your support with our year-end campaign.

Interested in going to college next school year (2020-21)? Applications are open! Check this blog post for links to applications for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at ACC, UNC, and UCCS.

Our Education and Outreach Program Coordinator shares about why she works for IN!. Here's an excerpt: "Above all else, I work for IN! because it has given me a friendship with my sister. I do not have to be the caregiver. There is more in this world for Haleigh than living with her boring older sister. (Did I mention that my sister never wanted to live with me anyways?)"

IN! partnered with the Colorado Department of Education to host a webinar on preparing students with disabilities for higher education. It's now available to view online!

Applications for 2020-21 opening, another student from ACC is set to graduate, UCCS seniors present at a national conference, outreach makes plans to travel the state in December, and we share a link to a webinar on preparing for higher education.

With residential options available at UNC and UCCS, inclusive higher education is not limited to a regional area. In December IN! is traveling to Grand Junction and Pueblo. Get the details here!

While Mia, Ashley, and Nick prepare to graduate in May 2020, they are continuing to leave their mark on higher education and enhancing pathways for future students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This month, the three graduating seniors from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) presented at the 2019 State of the Art Conference on Postsecondary Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Reno, Nevada. Their session: Steps for Designing Creative College Modifications. The audience: Higher education professionals.

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