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Creating fully inclusive college opportunities in Colorado for students with intellectual disabilities to foster academic growth, social development, and career advancement.

Students with intellectual disabilities who successfully complete an inclusive, post-secondary education realize a competitive employment rate over 70%,
compared to less than 30% for similar adults with no post-secondary education.

IN!’s Vision

Students with intellectual disabilities will be welcomed on college campuses and allowed to continue their education and preparation for life, as inclusive pathways become part of the fabric of all colleges and universities throughout Colorado.

With your help we can make a difference.
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Latest News

Our Education and Outreach Program Coordinator shares about why she works for IN!. Here's an excerpt: "Above all else, I work for IN! because it has given me a friendship with my sister. I do not have to be the caregiver. There is more in this world for Haleigh than living with her boring older sister. (Did I mention that my sister never wanted to live with me anyways?)"

Interested in going to college next school year (2020-21)? Applications are open! Check this blog post for links to applications for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at ACC, UNC, and UCCS.

With residential options available at UNC and UCCS, inclusive higher education is not limited to a regional area. In December IN! is traveling to Grand Junction and Pueblo. Get the details here!

While Mia, Ashley, and Nick prepare to graduate in May 2020, they are continuing to leave their mark on higher education and enhancing pathways for future students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This month, the three graduating seniors from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) presented at the 2019 State of the Art Conference on Postsecondary Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Reno, Nevada. Their session: Steps for Designing Creative College Modifications. The audience: Higher education professionals.

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