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Consortium Work

The Colorado Inclusive Higher Education Consortium (CIHEC), led by IN!, works to create and promote the development, growth, and permanency of high-quality inclusive higher education (IHE) pathways statewide to provide students with intellectual disabilities (ID) an opportunity to be fully included in higher education.

CIHEC Accomplishments Include: 

  • Advocated for and passed legislation in 2015 to establish the first pathways (pilot) and in 2022 for expansion of IHE. To date, four colleges/universities in Colorado offer Inclusive Higher Education.
  • Achievement of Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) status at all participating institutions, resulting in access to financial aid for students with intellectual disabilities accessing inclusive services.
  • Creation of a Comprehensive Higher Education Certificate that is institutionally approved and similar across IHE institutions. 
  • Transferable student transcripts between institutions offering IHE.
  • Continued program data collection and evaluation based on current and graduated student outcomes.
  • Development of partnerships with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing, Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education.
  • Statewide Outreach leading to increased awareness in prospective students, families and K-12 educators resulting in consistent enrollment numbers.
  • Shared curriculum for specialized inclusive program courses. 

Consortium Members


  • Cathi Allen Interim Director, Inclusive Higher Education Solutions at Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Jeanine Coleman, PhD Director, GLOBAL Inclusive Program at Regis University
  • Debbie Fidler, PhD Co-Director, RAM Scholars at Colorado State University
  • James Graham, PhD, DC Co-Director, RAM Scholars at Colorado State University
  • Julie Harmon Inclusion Specialist, Office of Inclusive Services at University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Christi Kasa, PhD Director, Office of Inclusive Services at University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Elise Kramer Program Coordinator, IN! Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education
  • Shayna Laing Community Engagement Manager, IN! Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education
  • Tracy Murphy Executive Director, IN! Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education
  • Christina Ruffatti Director, GOAL at University of Northern Colorado
  • Jen Woegens Director, Elevate at Arapahoe Community College

Advising Partners: 

  • Arc of Colorado
  • Colorado Department of Education
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Health Care Policy and Financing
  • Think College

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