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Inclusive Higher Ed



In May of 2024, 19 students graduated from inclusive higher education across Colorado! These grads received their Comprehensive Higher Education Certificates at Arapahoe Community College, Regis University, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and University of Northern Colorado, now totaling 63 students with intellectual disability (ID) who have completed college in Colorado! We are so proud of each one for pursuing their college dreams, accomplishing their goals, and continuing to prove that anything is possible.

We want the graduates to tell their stories, so be sure to click on each graduate below to hear them share more about their experience and growth. 

Silhouette of four graduates holding their caps in the sky with a soft sunset. Yellow and blue words reading "congratulations, grads. We are so proud of you!"

In celebration of the 2024 graduates, you can become a Graduate INvestor for $20.24 per month!

In honor of each of the 19 graduates, you can be one of 19 new Graduate INvestors! Graduate INvestors are investing in the futures of countless more students with intellectual disability who have college dreams. 

About IN!

IN! is a non-profit dedicated to creating inclusive higher education opportunities throughout Colorado. We have a vision to see students with intellectual disability (ID) be included on college campuses and allowed to continue their education and preparation for life, as inclusive pathways become part of the fabric of all colleges and universities. To find out more about inclusive higher education programs, visit the Overview page. To support the work of IN!, please visit our Donation page.

IN! proudly has an Alumni Association, open to each of Colorado's inclusive higher ed grads. The Association hosts social events for graduates a few times each year.