Inspiring Futures College Mentorship Program - Fall 2022


Students with intellectual disabilities (ID) are going to college in Colorado thanks to three Inclusive Higher Education programs across our state. If you are a student with ID, you can go to college too! By participating in our college mentorship program, you can learn about these college options directly from college students with ID and see if it’s a good fit for you. 

In this program, students will participate in 6 virtual mentorship sessions facilitated by IN! staff and led by college mentors. College mentors will be from current inclusive programs at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, University of Northern Colorado, and Arapahoe Community College. Each week we will talk about a college topic as a large group and then meet in small groups to talk with a college mentor and ask them direct questions. You will learn about what life is like in college and discuss what you want to do after high school. You will also get to interact with other high school and transition students that are interested in college.


The Fall 2022 Inspiring Futures College Mentorship Program is Intended For: 

  • Students with intellectual disabilities (ID) or multiple disabilities that would benefit from inclusive higher education programming in the future.
  • Juniors and seniors in high school or students in a transition (18-21) program.  
  • Students that are interested in exploring college as an option after high school. 

Note: Students do not need to be set on going to college in order to participate, they simply need to have an interest to learn more about it. 
Mentorship Session Schedule: Held virtually via Google Meet on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm. 

  • Oct. 13         Week 1: Get to know you & general mentor/mentee connection 
  • Oct. 20      Week 2: Campus & social life in college  
  • Oct. 27      Week 3: Academics in college 
  • Nov. 3        Week 4: Career exploration 
  • Nov. 10      Week 5: Independence & self-determination
  • Nov. 14-16 **Optional** Students participate in campus visits at ACC, UCCS, & UNC
  • Nov. 17        Week 6: Celebration & Conclusion!   

Key Dates

  • September 30: Applications Due
  • October 3–6: Mentee Interviews Scheduled
  • October 10: Parent/Student Information & Expectation Meeting 
  • October 13: Weekly Mentorship Sessions Begin 
  • October 25 or November 16: Parent access to IN! 101 Webinar 
  • December 2: Parent access to IN! Parent Panel Webinar