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We want to hear from you!

IN! recently launched a statewide survey related to college options for young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Colorado. Your feedback is so critical to our efforts! This survey will help us:

  • Learn about what colleges you are interested in attending
  • Barriers to college that you might be facing 
  • Create a plan to ensure there are more college options for  students with ID in our state 

Click to take the survey

Como persona que tiene una discapacidad intelectual o familiar de una persona con esta condición, necesitamos su voz. Queremos saber de:

  • Sus posibles planes universitarios
  • Qué barreras podría estar enfrentando
  • Su respuesta nos indicará directamente cómo avanzar con el desarrollo continuo de caminos universitarios en Colorado y garantizar que la universidad sea cada vez más accesible para los estudiantes con DI.

Haz clic aqui para respondir a la encuesta en Espanol

Your voice matters

IN! is a non-profit organization working to provide college opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the state of Colorado. As a person with an intellectual disability or their family, we need your voice. We want to hear from you about your potential college plans and what barriers you may be facing. Your response will directly inform how we move forward with the continued development of college pathways in Colorado and ensuring college is more and more accessible for students with ID.

Tell us about your college dreams

Who should participate?

We would like to hear from people of all different ages with an intellectual disability. This could be middle school students, high school students, transition (18-21), college aged, or even those in their late 20s/early 30s thinking about going to college. We would also love to hear from families with children with intellectual disabilities in elementary school. 

Complete the survey today

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback!

Help Spread the Word

If you know someone else with ID who is thinking about college, please share this survey with them! 

1. Share this blog post.

2. Download a flyer to share.

3. Share a post on social media.