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University of Northern Colorado GOAL

GOAL stands for "Go On And Learn" and is a fully-inclusive, 4 year, certificate program for students with mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to attend courses and live on campus at the University of Northern Colorado. 

Students enrolled in GOAL register for two, inclusive, traditional University of Northern Colorado courses and one, GOAL course each semester.

About GOAL Courses:

GOAL courses are differentiated to meet individual needs and are meant to provide specialized instruction, tools, and supports for success at the University of Northern Colorado and post-college life. 

  • Transition to College Life and Career 
  • Social Thinking for Community Living and Employment
  • Literacy for Careers and Community Living
  • Career Choices and Your Finances
  • Active Engagement in Your Career and Community
  • Career Income and Your Financial Future
  • Workplace Skills, Interactions, and Communication with Co-Workers
  • Preparing for Your Career and Independent Life after College

Residence Halls

Students live independently with or without a roommate in the residence halls on campus. 

  • Students are expected to follow all University of Northern Colorado policies and procedures as outlined in the Housing & Residential Education Handbook. 
  • Please visit the Housing & Residential Education website for more information.
  • Independent Living
  • GOAL provides training for elements of independent living on and off campus.

As of April 2019, GOAL at UNC is a designated Comprehensive Transition Program, which allows students to access federal financial aid.

 Learn more about GOAL and how to apply here.

For more information, visit their website.

Christina Ruffatti | Executive Director | | 970.351.4605

Joshua Johnson | Career Coordinator | | 970.351.3018

James Slaughter, MA | Campus Life Coordinator | | 970.351.1541

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