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Students are back on campus!

Students are back on campus for school year 2017 - 18! 

IN! is thrilled to announce that thirty-five students with intellectual disabilities are on campus this fall, taking college classes and participating in campus life.  2017/18 begins the second year of the "Inclusive Higher Education Pilot Initiative" at Arapahoe Community College, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  The students have had a busy couple of weeks engaging in many of the campus activities and acclimating to their new schedules, classes, and friends. Some of the students are living on campus in dorms or apartments. While the first year students get adjusted to college, the second-year students will begin to explore career related internships. All the students receive additional academic and social support through person-centered planning and peer monitors.  The support systems encourage the students to participate in campus activities and become active, contributing members of their school. 

Moving into residence halls!

Their families help decorate their home for the next year!

Campus activities include viewing of the eclipse, studying and college fun!