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Vince, studies Music at Arapahoe Community College (ACC)

In high school, as Vince looked at different colleges, he made the decision that Elevate (the inclusive service office at ACC) may serve his needs best. Thus, he began his career as a college student. Throughout his time at ACC, Vince has continued to develop his passion for theater. Some of his favorite classes include Film and Choir. Vince has used his outgoing personality to give back to the campus community. He has held leadership positions with Student Government and the Elevate Club. Upon graduating (December 2020), Vince plans to transfer to Red Rocks Community College and enroll in their theater department. His dream is to act, sing, and dance in musicals.

Vince's College Classes

  • Favorite classes: Film, Choir

  • Some other classes Vince has taken :College level reading and writing, computer class, AAA

Vince's Work/Internship Experiences During College

  • Lone Tree Arts Center
    • Vince says his internship has given him an understanding of what it is like to work in a theater and has made him realize he enjoys working with people.

Extracurricular Activities Vince Enjoys

  • President of Elevate Club
    • The goal of the club is to teach other students what it is like to be a student with a disability
  • Senator for Student Government
    • As a senator, Vince talks to students on campus and submits reports on changes students request for campus
  • Visiting Aspen Grove outdoor mall

Post-graduation Plans

Upon graduating, Vince plans to transfer to Red Rocks Community College to pursue a degree in theater.

From the Start of College to Now

"I honestly think [my greatest growth] would have to be being independent, like a lot more. Finding my way around campus, going out to lunch, going out different places."

Vince's Advice for Future Students

"Stay focused and get your work done. Try to use the resources here at college that will help you, like tutoring, there's like a study hall or study group, or going to the library where it's quiet."

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