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Inclusive Higher Ed


Sophia, Regis

Sophia, Regis

Sophia's Experience

  • School: Regis
  • Major: Liberal Arts
  • Favorite Part of College: I like being a student at the Global Inclusive Program
  • Plans After Graduation: I’ll be going back to Regis University as a student in the health science and exercise science program and as an athlete for Regis women’s lacrosse team

Sophia's Words of Wisdom

  • What has the opportunity to go to college meant for you?: I’m so grateful for these schools to have higher education programs and to give a chance not just only for myself it’s also for others like me
  • What did you learn about yourself during college?: I learned that people with Down syndrome learn differently.
  • What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?: Advocate for yourself!

Watch Sophia's Senior Video to hear more of her story!