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Katelyn, UCCS

Katelyn, UCCS

Katelyn's Experience 

  • School: UCCS
  • Major: Event Planning
  • Favorite Part of College: Spending time with friends. The social events were amazing!
  • Plans After Graduation: Finding a job in event planning

Katelyn's Words of Wisdom 

  • What has the opportunity to go to college meant for you: I learned self-advocacy. Looking back is like, "whoa, I've grown!" I loved every single moment!
  • What did you learn about yourself during college: I'm learning that I am a good person, and it's hard sometimes, but I'm learning that everyday. Stay strong - it can be rough sometimes but being strong got me through.
  • What advice do you have for incoming freshmen: You can do it! Work through the hard times.

Watch Katelyn's Senior Video to hear more of her story!