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The 3rd Annual Summer Social - 2017

Past Summer Socials

2017 Summer Social

IN!'s 2017 Summer Social raises more than $54,000 to create inclusive college opportunities in Colorado for students with intellectual disabilities!

Thank you so much for including me & Elevations Credit Union!     One thought that occurred to me - since higher education is also about exposing oneself to different viewpoints, life experiences, cultures, etc. – is how much these special students must be enriching the lives of those around them.  Truly, we all gain when we support the dreams of the most vulnerable.

It was an enjoyable and touching evening.   Thanks again, Sam

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IN! graciously acknowledges EnerCom and Wonderland Homes for their support!

Tammy Abramovitz lights up every room she enters with her vivacious charm and southern hospitality!

IN! graciously thanks Tammy Abramovitz for emceeing the program, her decoration talents, and underwriting the delicious cupcakes.  

A big-heart felt thank you to Helene Carmona Schmidt for Chairing IN!'s Summer Social!

IN!spirational Persons of the Year Award presented to Marijo Rymer and Dr. Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg.

It is with great privilege that we honor Marijo Rymer and Dr. Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg with the 2017 IN!spirational Persons of the Year Award. The award is in recognition of their outstanding performance and unparalleled leadership in making life-changing differences for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

A night enjoyed by all!

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