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Send a Student Care Package

College is challenging, but students with intellectual disabilities are continuing to overcome barriers and work towards achieving their goals. We encourage you to be IN!vested in our students by sending them a study-break care package for just $30! 

As 70 students across three inclusive higher education programs hit the middle-of-the-semester-slump, you can provide them with some much-needed encouragement in the form of a care package. IN! aims to sell 70 care packages - that's one for every student accessing inclusive higher education in Colorado - so that we can drop them off to each student and let them know that someone is cheering for them! 

Spread some cheer & be IN!vested. Purchase a care package for an inclusive higher education student by the end of THIS WEEK (Nov. 4th) to be delivered before Thanksgiving break. We need your help!  

Care Packages Sold So Far: 28/70

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