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Support our effort; Be an INclusivist!

An INclusivist supports the belief that people with intellectual disabilities should have the opportunity to go to college!

Goal to raise $10,000 by Dec 31!  Every dollar raised creates more opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to attend college

We have raised $12,255.00 of our goal.

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THANK YOU for your generous support!

What is an INclusivist? 

INclusivist (in:clu:si:vist): noun: a person who believes Higher Education is an opportunity that should be made available to all!

INclusivists invest in the expansion of higher education opportunities in Colorado. Colorado is one of the last states to provide college options for people with intellectual disabilities. Until 2 years ago, individuals with intellectual disabilities in Colorado did not have the option to go to college. INclusivists helped change that and continue to work to expand these options!

INclusivists create social change!  When higher education options are offered:

  • Students with intellectual disabilities become involved and contributing members of society
  • College campuses are enriched by the added diversity in the student body
  • Employers have access to a new pool of capable employees

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YOUR support as an INclusivist will:

  • Create college options in Colorado for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Provide students and families a path to make their college dream a reality
  • Connect students with meaningful education and employment after college

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is to simply include them; your donation helps us provide college options for all!


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Thank you for your generous support.

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