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IN!'s Young Professionals Board

Shayna Laing, President

Shayna Laing, President

About: I support the mission of IN! because I have personally and professionally witnessed the mutual benefit of inclusivity across spheres. I firmly believe in the lasting impact of empowering students of all abilities, ensuring equal access to meaningful opportunities, and evoking a sense of necessity for an inclusive community.

I joined the IN! Young Professional Board because I want to play an active role in the innovation and collaboration required to continue opening the door for students with IDD to succeed in higher education. It is an honor to be a part of this community of advocacy. 

Current position: Coordinator of Student Success Services - Colorado Christian University

Experience includes: Academic Support Professional for the Elevate Inclusive Higher Education program at Arapahoe Community College, Pre-vocational Training Mentor and Care Provider for adults with IDD, Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Education: BA in Special Education from Colorado Christian University; Current MA student at Ball State University studying Special Education with an emphasis in disabilities in post-secondary settings

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