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IN!'s Inclusive Education and Outreach Program is launched through the support of the Harvey Family Foundation.


Thanks to the funding provided by the Harvey Family Foundation IN! is implementing an Education and Outreach Program.  The program will engage with prospective students with intellectual disabilities and their families to learn about the college programs in Colorado.  It will share what the needed steps are to prepare for college that includes academic preparation, self-advocacy and social independence.  Staff and volunteers will also work collaboratively with the K-12 educators and administrators to help academically prepare prospective students for the rigors and structure of secondary education.   

"This is an exciting time as awareness has grown so has the "why not's" for all students to go to college.  We are grateful for this partnership with the Harvey Family Foundation and for their belief that every individual is valued for their ability, not their disability. Their support will provide life-changing opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities in Colorado."

                                                                                    Lisa Arnold - IN! Board Member
                                                                                    Chair, Inclusive Education & Outreach Committee

We are excited to announce that IN! will hiring a part-time Inclusive Education and Outreach Coordinator to oversee the implementation of the program.  We are seeking applications for this position, click here to learn more.  

Stay tuned - more information will be available soon on IN!'s website and through email correspondence.


IN! is grateful to the Harvey Family Foundation for their partnership and support!